Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Watching the Clouds go by...

I remember when I was a child I used to lay in the grass with a friend, stare up at the sky and watch the clouds.  We would stare at those clouds allowing our imaginations to discern their shape: a dog or a dragon.  We would share it with each other, telling the other all the details of the dragon from head to toe, telling the dragon’s story.  We would be lost in the magic and mystery of the element of Air!  Those were good times!!!

While I was awaiting a friend’s arrival on Saturday I decided to lay down in the grass outside my apartment.  I looked up at these beautiful clouds and my childhood memories began to run through my head.  I attempted to allow my imagination to tell me what the clouds were.  But that was not the invitation this time.

Air was inviting me to open my heart to a deeply spiritual experience.  As I watched the clouds, my heart was captured by their merging.  Two clouds were meeting right above my head and becoming ONE.  I watched:

The two clouds did not bang into each other forcing an explosion and uniting.  One reached out tenderly, tenatively to the other.  The other responded in the same tender manner.  They moved slowly and equally toward each other.  They began to blur at the edges, mixing their uniqueness together into something totally new, allowing that ONENESS to continue to develop, grow, deepen, transform.  MAGIC and MYSTERY right above me!!!

I heard an invitation to receive this gift deep in my heart, body, soul, spirit.  I opened myself to take in this gentle loving vibration and Energy knowing that this Mystical Merging Energy will bring me more and more into Unity with the Sacred!!!

I invite you to allow yourself to get lost in the magic and mystery of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.  Allow the Elements to intertwine into your being an experience of Magic and Mystery.  

We all need a little Magic and Mystery in our lives!!!

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