Thursday, May 8, 2014

Following the Energy...a day in my studio

I spent the day today in and out of my studio working on my painting.  I have been working on this piece for weeks.  This week I have been driven by a deep internal desire to be in my studio working on Her, finishing Her.  

Late this morning, after taking a break, I walked back into the studio and started talking to the painting.  I picked up the yarn I was finger knitting — white sparkly yarn.  I looked at the long white finger-knitted strand that hung across the painting.  I remember putting it there and wondering why it was going where it was going.  I traced it with my eye from the ‘arm of Owl’ to the ‘Eye of my Portal’  and then spoke what arose in my heart, “I’m knitting and weaving together my Vision.”  
That hit deep — deep into my Soul.  My Heart and Soul awoke with a start!!!  I was called into my Studio to knit and weave my Vision for my Spirituality and Healing Center!!!  I had been knitting it all morning.

Now I turned my attention intentionally to knitting and weaving this Vision.  I let my mind go blank.  I sank into my Heart.  In silence I knitted strands of prayers.  I wove them together creating a ‘spider web’ shining forth from ‘Owl’s arm.’

Each color brought a different energy — unnamed, deep in my Soul — a desire, a hope, a feeling, a healing.  It was when I picked up the deep green yarn and began to finger knit it into a prayer strand that I felt a specific shock of Energy — this is the Heart of the Heart, the Root of the Root.  The green is the Heart of my desire — dream — Center.  Once that was woven in, the Web was complete!

The painting done!

What needed releasing released.  What needed bringing forth, brought forth.  

Now I allow for the vibration of this powerful painting to integrate Herself into my being.  I open my Heart to absorb all of Her.  

I begin my dream! 

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