Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Opening the Door Wide

This morning I awoke to Sun shining  brightly into my Studio in my back room. I had been in there late into the night working on my painting, cutting out hearts, creating heart feathers for Owl.  I walked into my Studio excited to see Owl’s new look in the sunlight.  

I was not ready for what would happen.

The Sun and Owl invited me to take a risk — a huge risk.  There I stood before my painting wanting to stare at the brightness of Owl’s new garb.  What I stared at was the pink tissue paper door in the middle of the painting.  

A few weeks ago, while on retreat, I had painted a black door.  Then I had slashed that door out, removing a huge layer a stuff that needed to be shed from my life, from my Heart, from my Energy, from ME.  The empty door was just too much for me to take in.  I felt naked, unprotected.  I needed a DOOR.

Up went the bright pink tissue paper.  It was a thin more malleable door.  In the sunlight, I could see through it.  That bright florescent pink has become a deep part of my being.  I felt protected.  The panic that was in my heart when there was no door was gone.  I was breathing deeply again.

This morning, I stood before the painting being invited to remove that thin pink tissue paper  door.  OPEN completely to this new calling in my life.  OPEN completely to Spirit.  OPEN completely to ME.
I walked away.  I said no.  But that invitation from Sun and Owl would not leave me.  I tried to leave my house and go to work, but found myself back in my studio removing the pink tissue paper. 

As I stood looking at the empty door and the pink on the floor, I felt raw.  I felt that panic inside my body again.  I felt breathe in my Heart.  I breathed into my Heart, trusting that She knows what She is doing.  I stood in silence and awe absorbing this WIDE OPENNESS.

I have been walking around with this vibration of WIDE OPENNESS resonating through my body and soul.  The panic is lessening as the day goes.  I am becoming more attuned to WIDE OPEN and beginning to wonder what Gift it will bring into my life.

Every time I engage this discipline of Intuitive Painting from my Heart, I receive deep healing and blessing.  Through paint and paper  I release what no longer serves me so that I can blossom into new colors, new shapes, new callings, new invitations.  I learn so much more about my Heart, my True Self, about WHO I am and HOW I am being invited to be in this world.
I am grateful that BrushHeart: Intuitive Painting ( and Damini Celebre came into my life inviting me to open to my Creative Self, heal and grow.

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