Saturday, May 10, 2014

Being the Red Tulip

I was walking down the street the other day and was captured by a row of beautiful yellow tulips all the way up both sides of a walkway.  Then I noticed what really captured me:  there was one lone RED tulip right smack in the middle of all the yellow ones!  It stood strong, vibrant, bright, fabulous!!!

I have been contemplating that red tulip all week!

In a sense, I have always been that red tulip in the midst of yellow tulips — different than those around me, struggling/wanting to be ‘part of a group.”  I have come at this experience from the negative.

This week, as I sat with this particular red tulip I began to redefine my perspective — I began to experience the positive.  Being the red tulip is awesome!  It is fabulous!  That tulip is the most beautiful, vibrant one along the path.  That tulip is strong and bold — daring to grow right in the midst of adversity — right where it ‘doesn’t belong.’  

There is a defiant and passionate quality about Her as she states boldly to the world:  I belong here!
She grows where she wants to grow, is who she is, makes no apologies for it, and shines her beauty and love to all around her!  She radiates fabulousness!!!

This week, I am putting on my Red Tulip self.  

How about you?

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